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Latest News:  Around 240,000 consignments delivered .   Lower range of pensions expected.   New system after 1 February.   

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  MINA Business
30 January 2015 15:31 pm
Luksic: Sutorina and Prevlaka issues not to slow down negotiations

Podgorica, (MINA) - The unsolved demarcation issue with Croatia and actualization of the talks about Sutorina will not affect Montenegro's negotiating process with the EU, head of Montenegrin diplomacy Igor Luksic has said, adding that negotiations are going as planed and that he expects opening o... >> More >>

30 January 2015 15:34 pm
Around 240,000 consignments delivered

Podgorica, (MINA-BUSINESS) - Last year, the Post of Montenegro delivered around 240,000 consignments ordered online, nearly 150,000 more than in 2013. The company says that there is a steady growth of e-commerce consignments delivered by the Post of Montenegro... ... >> More >>

30 January 2015 15:33 pm
Lower range of pensions expected

Podgorica, (MINA-BUSINESS) - In addition to equal retirement conditions for all victims of the transition process in Montenegro, the Party of Pensioners and People with Disabilities (PUPI) expects the issue of large range of pensions to be resolved soon. "Large range of pensions, some of which... >> More >>

29 January 2015 15:44 pm
New system after 1 February

Podgorica, (MINA-BUSINESS) - The Assembly of the National Insurers' Bureau of Montenegro (NBOCG) has decided to launch, on 1 February, a new system of rates for vehicle insurance premiums, which envisages their reduction for the insurance holders with no history of damage compensation claims. ... >> More >>

28 January 2015 15:16 pm
Cooperation depends on consensus on development projects

Podgorica, (MINA-BUSINESS) - The Government will not continue its cooperation with A2A after 31 March if the company does not support a development programme of Elektroprivreda Crne Gore (EPCG), says Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic. He told Radio of Montenegro that he would wait until the end o... >> More >>



31 January 2015 10:09 am
Constitutional Court to abolish amendments
31 January 2015 10:08 am
CBCG licenses Zapad bank and Kredit plus
31 January 2015 10:08 am
Progress within SEE 2020 strategy to be presented
31 January 2015 10:07 am
New call launched
31 January 2015 10:07 am
No favourable business climate without a stable regulatory framework
31 January 2015 10:06 am
Number of users down by three percent
31 January 2015 10:05 am
Foreign trade exchange down by 1.3 percent
30 January 2015 02:07 am
MA awarded as an enterprise of the year
30 January 2015 02:07 am
Industrial production goes up
30 January 2015 02:07 am
Around 240,000 consignments delivered
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31 January 2015 10:22 am
Bulatovic: Security-intelligence sector not reformed
31 January 2015 10:22 am
BIH ambassador to Montenegro stays in Sarajevo
31 January 2015 10:21 am
Corruption dubbed one of main problems in country
31 January 2015 10:20 am
Committee concludes demarcation completed in legal and just way
31 January 2015 10:20 am
Significant support from Romania
31 January 2015 10:18 am
DF calls representatives of ruling coalition to meeting
30 January 2015 02:11 am
Luksic: Sutorina and Prevlaka issues not to slow down negotiations
30 January 2015 02:11 am
Laws must provide for identity control
30 January 2015 02:10 am
MPs urged to propose amendments
30 January 2015 02:10 am
DF not to mediate in conflict regarding appointment of special prosecutor
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  Montenegro Daily
18 March 2014 09:25 am
Darko Saric arrested
12 March 2014 09:31 am
Government urged to investigate allegations on buying off votes
11 March 2014 09:20 am
Termination of agreement with USA requirement for chapter 31
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